How a Realtor Helps with Home Inspections

Realtor Helps with Home Inspection

Good realtors insist their clients have an inspection before purchasing a home. Inspectors can find hidden damage or problems lurking out of sight. For example, poorly maintained HVAC or serious roofing issues are deal breakers for many buyers. In addition, hiring a realtor helps with home inspections because they know how to walk you through the report and negotiate before closing. 

Not all home inspectors are equal. In fact, there are no state agencies regulating who can be a home inspector. So, an excellent real estate agent builds relationships with trusted inspectors who they can confidently recommend. Savvy realtors know that clients who have a terrible experience with a home inspector tend not to refer that realtor to their friends.  

FAQ: Who attends a home inspection in Colorado? 

It’s best if buyers attend the walk-through so that the inspector can explain as they go. However, if they can’t make it, their agent can go instead. But don’t worry about remembering everything the home inspector points out—you’ll get a final report. 

A Tale of Real Estate Woe

Two friends decided to make a real estate transaction where one bought the other’s home. They didn’t use an agent and waved their inspection, instead working directly with the title agency. Later, the new homeowner went to sell the property to a third party, and the buyer’s inspection revealed all sorts of hidden issues. For example, the roof was way past life expectancy, the crawl space supports were misaligned, the foundation wasn’t secure, and the copper water lines were deteriorating. Now the current owner can’t sell the house without massive repairs. A real estate agent would have insisted the friends have an inspection, and they would have found these problems sooner.  

A Realtor Helps with Home Inspections

Having a high-quality real estate agent helps with home inspections. Inspectors provide their objective observations of the property’s conditions. But realtors know the ins and outs of which issues need fixing and how those compare to similar homes in the area. They also know what items affect the home’s value and how to negotiate the price. Most of all, a good realtor helps buyers make informed decisions based on the inspection report.

Home Inspections in Colorado Springs

At First Priority Home Inspections, we work with the buyer’s and seller’s agents to ensure the safety of your home because we know how much a realtor helps with home inspections. Our founder Jim goes above and beyond to be the best inspector. He is certified by AHIT and a member of InterNACHI and ASHI. Schedule an inspection today—call 719-491-1520.

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