Why Realtors Should Build a Relationship with a Home Inspector

Build a Relationship with a Home Inspector

Realtors and home inspectors benefit from having a professional connection with each other. When you build a relationship with a home inspector, you get to see how they work—in turn, knowing and trusting an inspector lets you better serve clients. Let’s look at three ways real estate agents benefit from working with a home inspector.

  • More referrals from existing clients
  • Increased understanding of home quality
  • Better communication with clients 


Knowing a good home inspector leads to more referrals. When existing clients have an excellent home-buying experience, they are likely to recommend you to friends and family. And the inspector is part of that experience. Even if the inspection finds a fatal flaw, the clients still appreciate honesty and integrity.

While the clients ultimately hire the inspector, they expect their realtor to have established connections. So, you’ll want a go-to person to call if they ask for recommendations. It’s essential that you trust the inspector to present an unbiased, third-party report. Odds are clients who know you are working on their behalf will refer you to others.


It’s a good idea for realtors to attend inspections and see how the house is examined. By following along, you’ll develop a better understanding of home quality. In addition, you’ll start to see what inspectors look for. With this knowledge, you can better guide clients through the buying process.

Clients are bound to have questions about the report. And working closely with a home inspector gives you a deeper understanding and context. That way, you can explain the information to clients. Then, they learn they can rely on your knowledge and experience.


Working as a team increases communication. For example, when you build a relationship with a home inspector, you learn to speak each other’s language. That way, you can clarify when the client doesn’t understand something on the report. Likewise, good communication develops trust and improves client relations. 

Clients expect transparency. So, they appreciate it when you work with the inspector to explain the process and results of the inspection. Clearly articulating the objective report gives the client confidence in your abilities as a realtor.  

Why are relationships important in real estate? 

Real estate is all about working with people. Positive connections lead to mutual understanding and personalized service. Realtors who network with professionals in the housing industry have access to subject matter experts on many topics. Then, they know who to call when clients have specific needs.

Building a Relationship with a Home Inspector

Good real estate agents want what’s best for their clients. So if they find someone who gives unbiased, accurate reports, they continue to work with that home inspector. When you work with the same person, you grow to trust them. In the end, the agent and inspector work together to benefit the clients. 

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