Home Inspections Residential

A residential home inspection is a vital step in buying and selling real estate. It gives you much-needed information about the safety and well-being of the house and helps prevent expensive failures in the future. 

Houses can be compromised or damaged in ways that aren’t apparent to the untrained eye. When buying a house, you want to make sure it’s safe and sound for you and your family. Overlooked issues could surface years later and cost thousands of dollars to repair. 

Jim is trained, certified, and experienced to provide home inspection services to help make sure your dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare. We are committed to providing accurate and rigorous assessments with detailed reports. That way you can have peace of mind knowing your home’s true condition.  

Pre Inspections For Home Sellers

We get it—selling your home is stressful. A buyer’s inspection can uncover issues that cause delays. The buyer may want to negotiate the price or back out altogether. 

One of our home inspection services is pre inspections for home sellers. We provide honest, reliable analysis into the true condition of your home, so you know what’s wrong with the house before listing.

Any issues found during the pre-inspection for home sellers can be fixed with your own resources (handyman, electrician, etc..)  without approval from a buyer. Using a buyer’s agent’s resources can be more expensive than using your own.

A pre-inspection for home sellers leads to an easier home sale for everyone involved. Fixing the big things before your home goes on the market means you don’t have to worry about unexpected surprises. Repair the major issues and sell with confidence.

New Home Inspection For Home Owner

Even newly-built houses have their flaws. Although you won’t see the same problems as in older homes, you still need to be aware of any issues before buying. Our home inspection services include inspecting newly built homes. An inspection is a sound investment when you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new house. 

New construction can have drainage problems around the foundation, leaky plumbing, and bad wiring. Improperly installed ductwork and poor seals are invisible thieves of energy efficiency. 

Sometimes builders cut corners to save money. And a local government inspection only guarantees the house meets minimum legal standards. It doesn’t mean everything is perfect. you need a trustworthy source to double check the work. We’ll identify for shoddy workmanship, cut corners, and failure to follow plans. 

You want to know that your dream home won’t become a nightmare. After our inspection, you can rest easy knowing the true condition of your home.

Home Inspections Commercial

Home inspections on commercial property protect your investment. Our home inspection services can be utilized prior to you purchasing your commercial property so you know what you are getting. The inspection can also help you negotiate the price of inventment.

A thorough and accurate assessment means you can identify what’s working and what needs maintenance. Fixing issues before they become major problems will save time and money in the long run. 

For commercial inspections, we make a top-to-bottom building evaluation, including vital systems and structural components. Then, we provide a detailed report for buyers, sellers, and building owners.

Radon Testing

Radon is a naturally-occurring radioactive gas that comes from radium in the earth’s crust. It is colorless, orderless, and only detectable using specialized equipment. Too much exposure over time increases the risk of lung cancer.  

Usually when this gas seeps out from soil, it disperses into the air. However, radon can become inside and build up over time. Extended exposure to high levels of radon pose a health risk to you and your family.

As an EPA Radon Mitigator, Jim is skilled at detecting and managing radon in your home. As part of our home inspection services we can develop a radon mitigation system to vent the gas outdoors where it can disperse. Keep your family safe with radon detection and mitigation. 


Mold Testing

Mold infections are difficult to detect. Spores are too small to see with the naked eye. And colonies often develop in hidden places such as under carpets and between walls.

Mold flourishes in dark moist areas. Leaky plumbing and flood damage give spores a chance to propagate. If left untreated, mold can spread out of control, damaging large portions of the house. Catching it early could save thousands of repair dollars down the line. 

If you are concerned about mold in a new or existing home, we can help. Jim is an American Home Inspection Training Institute (AHIT) certified master inspector. He can detect mold in your house and work with you to develop a removal plan that keeps your home and family safe.

Drone Inspection

At First Priority Home Inspections we pride ourselves on thorough and detailed assessments. Our home inspection services are safer, faster, and more efficient than ever before thanks to drone technology. 

There are places in some homes that are inaccessible to the inspector. Steep roofs and tall chimneys can be dangerous or near impossible to access. And tools like camera poles are limited. 

Drone cameras give us a quick review of the entire exterior. From there we highlight potential problems for closer inspection. For example, an overhead view lets us identify weak spots in the roof that we wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. 

Drone cameras take our home inspections to a whole new level. A fly over of the roof and exterior gives us the information we need to make the best possible assessment of your home.

Tools We Use To Inspection Your Property

In addition to drones and sewer scopes, there are many other tools we use as part of our home inspection services. Even something as simple as a powerful LED flashlight lets us visually inspect forgotten corners.

Electrical testers and voltage indicators provide insight into a home’s circuitry. We used moisture meters, gas detectors, and carbon monoxide analyzers to test indoor air quality. 

Infrared thermometers tell us the true temperature of heating and cooling equipment as well as electrical equipment such as circuit breakers. Plus, we use infrared cameras to identify areas that are abnormally hot or cold. 

With the right tools, we can guarantee a complete and accurate assessment of the building’s true condition. You can rest easy knowing we’ve used the best in home inspection technology to analyze your home.

Sewer Scope

Knowing the condition of the sewer line is indispensable when buying or selling a home. Sewer damage creates both health and structural issues. Blocked lines can back up into the house, creating a biological hazard. Broken pipes introduce moisture, the perfect growing environment for mold. 

For sewer inspections, start by flushing the system. Then we run a video camera attached to a snake cable through the sewer lines out to the mains or septic tank. 

The scope gives us reliable information about the quality of the sewer lines, and lets us spot potential problem areas before they become major issues. We use the camera to analyze the general condition of the pipes and look for root damage, sagging, and shifting.

You might have sewer line issues if you notice slow draining sinks, sewage backups, strange odors, or sinkholes in the yard. An inspection with a sewer scope is the surest way to identify where the problem lies. 

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