Top Home Inspection Issues in Colorado

Home Inspection Issues in Colorado

The inspection report reveals so much about your potential home. You want to know that you’re getting a quality property that will last for years. Unfortunately, we come across many different home inspection issues in Colorado. 

A home inspection can reveal severe problems and minor issues. Some significant areas include wiring, pumping, roofing, and foundation. Issues with these can be costly to repair. The final report also contains minor details and cosmetic problems such as chipping paint or a faulty window seal. These are simple repairs that won’t bother most new homeowners. 

FAQ: What are the red flags on a home inspection? 

Some issues crop up on a home inspection report that cause serious concern. Buyers want to watch out for big-ticket items that are costly too. You don’t want your future home falling apart before your eyes. So watch out for these issues on your inspection report:

Moisture in the attic, basement, and walls
Mold or mildew
Plumbing leaks
Old electrical wiring and fuses
Hot electrical panel 
Foundation and electrical issues

3 Top Home Inspection Issues in Colorado 

1. Improper Surface Grading

You need a level surface to build a sturdy foundation. Then a slight slope directs water away from the building. A Poorly graded lot can lead to pooling water and a shaky foundation. Re-grading a lawn is an expensive and time-consuming process. 

2. Faulty Wiring

Electrical trouble is something we often come across when inspecting homes in Colorado. Undersized wiring is a potential fire hazard. If the electrical current is too big for the wire to handle, it generates heat through resistance. In addition, reversed polarity creates an electrocution risk. If the hot and neutral wires are backward, your toaster could shock you. 

3. Sewer Issues

Most people only think about their sewer once a problem arises. For example, tree roots can obstruct the pipes. If they grow big enough, the line may collapse. No one wants to deal with an expensive backup in their new home. A sewer scope inspection uncovers hidden issues before it’s too late. A camera attached to a snake lets us spot issues before they become serious problems. 

Home Inspections in Colorado Springs

At First Priority, we use state-of-the-art tools to uncover home inspection issues in Colorado. Our founder Jim has over 35 years of practical contractor and inspector experience to find all the hidden details homeowners may overlook. Give us a call at 719-491-1520.

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