Here’s Why Sellers Need Pre-Inspections in El Paso County, Colorado

Pre-Inspections in El Paso County
Pre-Inspections in El Paso County

Imagine getting an offer on a house only to have the buyers back out when their inspector uncovers an unfortunate flaw. Getting pre-inspections in El Paso County, Colorado, helps avoid such situations. When the home gets inspected before listing, it gives the seller the upper hand. An honest and accurate home inspection gives you the information you need going into the sale. 

Why Are Pre-inspections Important?

A professional assessment gives you essential information about the house’s HVAC, structure, electrical, and plumbing. This way, the seller won’t be caught off guard by something revealed in the buyers’ report. In addition, pre-inspections put the seller in control of potential repairs. Plus, homes with a pre-listing survey typically sell faster with less negotiation. 

Avoid Unwanted Surprises 

Issues that turn up on the buyers’ inspection lead to unknown consequences. For example, significant defects such as severe plumbing and sewer problems are often deal-breakers for buyers. When buyers back out, it’s a major setback in the selling process. You’ll need to repair the issues and try to find new buyers. Even if they don’t back out, they will often negotiate for a lower price or request the seller do repairs. 

Repair Before Listing

When the seller knows the issues beforehand, they can make the needed repairs before the house goes on the market. Fixing up the house puts the seller at a huge advantage. Most buyers don’t want a fixer-upper, so repairs and upgrades look great on a listing. For example, you’re likely to get several offers on a home that advertises a new roof and an updated HVAC system.

Smooth Selling 

Pre-inspections help the sale go smoothly. First off, realtors and sellers can accurately price the house when they know its true condition. Plus, disclosures make the buyers aware of problems before signing the purchase agreement. So, there won’t be so many issues to negotiate, and the sellers can easily defend their asking price.

A Wise Investment

A pre-listing inspection is a wise investment when selling a house for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It lets you know the actual state of the house and puts you at an advantage at the negotiating table. Plus, you avoid stressful situations after the buyers’ inspections.

Pre-Inspections in El Paso County, Colorado

Jim, founder of First Priority Home Inspections, has 35 years of experience as a general contractor and owner of a structural repair company. Now he does pre-inspections in El Paso County, Colorado. Schedule an appointment today. Call 719-491-1520.

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