New Colorado Radon Certification Law: Here’s What You Need to Know

Colorado Radon Certification
Colorado Radon Certification

There is a big problem with unqualified radon inspectors here in Colorado. The volume of homes with high radon levels has created demand for radon professionals. Unfortunately, untrained people try to fill the niche by representing themselves as experts. So, the legislature passed HB 21-1195 to protect consumers. The good news is that the founder of First Priority Home Inspections, Jim, already has the certification required to be a radon professional in Colorado.

Colorado Radon Certification Law

The new Colorado radon certification requirements go into effect on July 1, 2022. House Bill 21-1195 is a consumer protection law establishing a radon professional licensure system. Essentially, this law requires a license to do radon measurement or mitigation anywhere in the state. 

Exemptions include performing radon measurement or mitigation:

  • On your own home
  • In an approved training program
  • While assisting a licensed professional 
  • As a government agency 

Requirements for Certification

To get a license, a radon professional must send an application to the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) which oversees the licensing. The requirements for licensure include: 

  • Application and Fee
  • Proof of radon certification from a proficiency program
  • Declaration of any criminal history from the past five years  
  • Proof of liability insurance

License Types 

Colorado will issue two different types of licenses: measurement and mitigation. So, there are separate licenses for people who test for radon and those who install mitigation systems. Professionals who are certified in both testing and mitigation can apply for both. 

Is a Radon Test Required in Colorado?

Sellers must disclose if they know of any current or past radon issues, but they are not required to test. Likewise, there’s no requirement for landlords to measure or mitigate. So, home buyers and renters should always have radon levels measured before signing. Discovering high levels of radon isn’t a deal-breaker, though. There are affordable mitigation options to keep your family safe. 

Finding a Licensed Radon Professional 

If you are looking for a radon test or mitigation, be sure to hire someone licensed by the state. You can verify a Colorado radon certification on the DORA online license lookup. When your home needs a radon test, call First Priority Home Inspections at 719-491-1520.

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