11-month inspection in Colorado Springs
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Why Your Brand New Home Needs an 11-month Inspection in Colorado Springs

You’ve finally built your dream home—a new custom house constructed to your specifications. It even comes with a one-year warranty from the builder. But, getting a home checked at 11 months lets you know what needs fixing before your warranty expires. So, we recommend new homes get an 11-month inspection in Colorado Springs.  New Home Builder Warranties  Good builders stand

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Sewer scope inspection in Colorado Springs
Home Inspections

When to Get a Sewer Scope Inspection in Colorado Springs

Damaged sewer lines can cause structural damage and health risks. Wouldn’t it be great to know about the complications before they become huge problems? Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that you can get a sewer scope inspection in Colorado Springs. With current inspection technology, we can get a close look at what is happening in the mainline of your house.  

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House with Open permits
Home Inspections

What Happens When You Buy a House with Open Permits in Colorado?

Buying a house with open permits can be a nightmare when buying a new home. When a homeowner requests a permit with the county or local government in Colorado, the permit stays with the property. So, it becomes the responsibility of the buyer upon sale. Why do you need permits? Home improvements and remodeling projects often require permits from the

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Why is Radon Testing and Remediation Important in Colorado
Radon Testing

Why is Radon Testing and Remediation Important in Colorado?

What if I told you there was a simple way to detect and remove one of the leading causes of lung cancer? There is! Radon testing and remediation are easy when done correctly. The EPA recommends testing for radon gas every two years. This inexpensive inspection can protect against long-term health problems. But, why is radon testing and remediation important

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Radon Testing

Why Radon Testing Is Important

Radon can kill. Radon is responsible for 20% of all lung cancer deaths per year in the United States, and is the most common cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking (according to the Environmental Protection Agency). Old tests may be inaccurate. Results can change with the season, reflecting changes in the way a home is ventilated and seasonal weather conditions. Even

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Home Inspections

Why You Should Have An Inspection

A home is one of the largest purchases and investments that is purchased in anyone’s lifetime. The costs associated with buying a home are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. One of the most important reasons to have a home inspection when buying a home is the peace of mind that it can provide. The primary purpose of a home

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What do you offer in your home inspection service?

Including pre purchase pre-purchase home inspections, pre listing inspections, pest inspections (termites and wood destroying insects), Radon testing, EIFS (Dryvit) inspections, Mold testing, indoor air quality testing, energy evaluation and specialized inspections (i.e. moisture problems and problem solving).


Once you provide an inspection, when will I see the report and do you send them to my realtor?

We pledge to complete the inspections and provide written reports within 1-3 days after being contacted. We will typically fax or e-mail email copies of the reports to Realtors, attorneys and clients the same day the inspection is completed.

If I need you after the inspection, will you be available?

Our goal is to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We will make ourselves available for walkthroughs and follow-up questions. As in the past we aim to put things in proper perspective, and not needlessly alarm our clients.


Can anyone be a Home Inspector?

Every inspector is certified and participating in an ongoing education program. Springs Home Inspection is a member of American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and our inspections follow the ASHI standards of practice.

Is it really worth getting an inspection done when we want to purchase a home?

Dollar for dollar, there is no better use of your money then having a certified a home inspection that will outline the strength and weaknesses of the home you’re buying.

We are ready to sell, now what?

A pre-listing home inspection reveals potential issues that could derail the sale of your home.  We make sure you know and understand every fact about the property you are purchasing.

Do you do a permit search history?

Yes, every inspection we do includes a permit search history. This helps understand what was done to the home and what issues there may have been in the past.

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Get your free copy of “How to prepare your home for an inspection” A checklist of all the things to do before your home is inspected.