How to Close an Open Permit in El Paso County

open permit in El Paso County

When you buy a new home, there may be open permits you don’t know about. Closing an open permit in El Paso County can be an unnecessary hassle for new homeowners. So, it’s best to check before closing. 

Contractors need permission from the building department for home repairs and renovations, such as replacing a water heater or building a deck. The county has to inspect that the upgrades meet building codes. Responsibility transfers with ownership of the property. Closing a permit can be time-consuming because it may require inspection and changes. If you hire Jim to do your buyer’s inspection, he will check for open permits in El Paso County so they can get resolved before closing. 

How do I know if I have an open permit in El Paso County? 

You can check a property’s status at the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. From their website, choose “permits” and then “search permits.” Enter the address to see the status of previous work authorizations.

Homeowner Responsibility 

The contractors are the ones who apply for authorization through the Pikes Peak Building Department. However, the onus ultimately falls on the homeowners to ensure the contractors are registered with the department. Then, new owners assume responsibility for any building permits when they buy a house. There are many reasons why a plan may remain unfinished. Perhaps the contractor finished repairs but neglected to obtain all required inspections. Or, renovations never passed the final check. In the end, it’s up to the current owner to resolve the problem. 

Closing an Open Permit in El Paso County

As a homeowner or real estate investor, you should be aware that the process of closing an open permit in El Paso County is not as straightforward as it might seem. This endeavor can be a time-consuming and at times, a daunting process. Open permits can affect your property’s value, safety, and your ability to sell or refinance your home. This is why you must understand the steps involved and be prepared to take them on.

Permits are required for various types of improvements or repairs to a property, such as new construction, home additions, remodeling projects, and even minor repairs. Different types of projects require varying kinds of reviews from the county’s building department. For instance, if you’re replacing an HVAC system, this would necessitate a final mechanical and electrical inspection. If you’re finishing a basement, on the other hand, this calls for multiple inspections: structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. These inspections are essential as they ensure that the work is completed according to the relevant building codes and safety standards.

Closing an open permit in El Paso County involves careful coordination with the county building department. This often involves changing the original plan or scheduling an additional inspection. It’s important to understand that the inspectors from the department have the crucial role of entering the results into the online system, ultimately closing the permit. The digital nature of the process can make the process easier, as it allows you to track results at the department’s website or by calling their contact number at 719-327-2883. This means that you’re not left in the dark regarding the status of your permit closure.

However, you may encounter instances where the work was done years ago, the original contractor is nowhere to be found, or the work does not meet current codes. In such cases, closing an open permit in El Paso County can become more complex. It may require hiring a new contractor to correct the work or, in some extreme cases, starting the project from scratch.

Check Before You Buy: The Importance of Identifying Open Permits

Purchasing a home is a significant investment that demands thorough due diligence, one aspect of which is checking for open permits. The easiest way for homebuyers to address this is to have sellers close any open permits before finalizing the purchase.

Regrettably, not all home inspectors check for open permits, potentially leaving you to handle the consequences. Jim, a seasoned home inspector, recognizes these potential problems. He consistently conducts a comprehensive permit check, providing you with detailed property information to make an informed decision.

Checking for open permits involves reviewing county records for any unresolved issues with the property. Detecting and addressing these permits before you acquire the property can save you from additional costs or legal troubles down the line.

It’s vital to ensure a thorough permit check is part of your home-buying process. Schedule an inspection with Jim, who understands local regulations and the importance of identifying and closing open permits in El Paso County. Call Jim at 719-491-1520 for a meticulous inspection, securing your investment from potential complications tied to open permits.

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