How to Close an Open Permit in El Paso County

open permit in El Paso County

When you buy a new home, there may be open permits you don’t know about. Closing an open permit in El Paso County can be an unnecessary hassle for new homeowners. So, it’s best to check before closing. 

Contractors need permission from the building department for home repairs and renovations, such as replacing a water heater or building a deck. The county has to inspect that the upgrades meet building codes. Responsibility transfers with ownership of the property. Closing a permit can be time-consuming because it may require inspection and changes. If you hire Jim to do your buyer’s inspection, he will check for open permits in El Paso County so they can get resolved before closing. 

How do I know if I have an open permit in El Paso County? 

You can check a property’s status at the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department. From their website, choose “permits” and then “search permits.” Enter the address to see the status of previous work authorizations.

Homeowner Responsibility 

The contractors are the ones who apply for authorization through the Pikes Peak Building Department. However, the onus ultimately falls on the homeowners to ensure the contractors are registered with the department. Then, new owners assume responsibility for any building permits when they buy a house. There are many reasons why a plan may remain unfinished. Perhaps the contractor finished repairs but neglected to obtain all required inspections. Or, renovations never passed the final check. In the end, it’s up to the current owner to resolve the problem. 

Closing an Open Permit in El Paso County

Closing an open permit in El Paso County is a time-consuming process. You may need to change the plan or schedule an inspection from the building department. Different types of projects require varying kinds of reviews. For example, HVAC replacement requires a final  mechanical and electrical inspections. Whereas finishing a basement calls for many structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing inspections. The county inspectors enter the results into the online system to close the permit. You can track results at the department website or by calling 719-327-2883.

Check Before You Buy

The easiest way for buyers to close open permits in El Paso County is to ask the sellers to do it before the final purchase. Not all inspectors will check for you. As a home inspector, Jim always runs a permit check so you can have the most detailed information about your property. Schedule an inspection by calling 719-491-1520

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